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Japan-best places to visit

Go visit Japan while the flights are still cheap. You get a first world country with all the amenities, service and safety but a truly different culture to explore.
You will need to learn some Japanese, and you should anyway. At least enough to know how to make reservations at Ryokan and restaurants, and to order food. The Japanese food in Japan is, surprise, much better than that in the USA, even California. I'm not a big fan of Japanese food, mostly because I'm not too fond of random fish parts and flavours showing up in my cuisine, but inside Japan just about everything was wonderful. (Though the squid sushi is not recommended.)

Try to stay in Ryokan, the Japanese style inns, at least part of the time. They can be quite cheap, if you are on a budget, though small. I suggest you make your first reservation in a western style hotel, then try out a Ryokan to see if you like it, and if you do, stay in Ryokan for the rest of your stay. You may miss a bed off the floor a bit, but you're not traveling to have everything the same as home.

Most Ryokan have western style bathrooms now anyway, as many Japanese have come to want them, and even a small hidden alcove with chairs and a table.

Japanese TV is a hoot, even if you don't understand it. The ads are amusing, as is the Japlish. Japlish is the funny English the Japanese use. They can read and know the meaning of many English words, but don't know a lot about grammar, idioms or what words mean together. That's why they can name a popular drink Pocari Sweat. Japanese have nothing but English on their T-shirts and on about half the commercial signs.

You'll even see familiar things like "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." The host looks exactly like Regis (who looks just like the British host.) and western shows with added Japanese commentary. Alas, Iron Chef is no longer on the air. The other game shows are bizarre and entertaining.

There are tons of new brands of snacks, chocolate and especially drinks from the vending machines to try. Do you like it when a new brand comes out? You'll have a field day.

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Japan-best places to visit